How to use LUT's to edit video on your phone

How to use LUT's to edit video on your phone

Do you want to use LUT's to edit video on your phone?

If you are a video creator then you're probably familiar with LUT's, videos answer to presets (filters).

Using LUT's can dramatically change the look of your videos from good to cinematic gold! But for a long time video LUT's were only limited to professionals and expensive video editing software like Adobe Premier Pro, Davinci or Final Cut Pro.

We have great news! you can now use LUT's to edit your video content directly on your phone.

The app we use is called VN Video Editor and it's available for iPhone & Android. Theres a free version and a paid option but the free version has everything you need for video editing on your phone. The only benefit of the paid version is access to their premium LUT's along with more titles and graphics.

Some of the things we love about VN Video Editor:

  • It has a free version with everything you need
  • Ability to import custom LUT's .cube files into the app
  • LUT (filter) intensity slider
  • Layer based editing
  • Key frames
  • Masking, opacity, chroma & blending modes
  • Speed & speed curves
  • Basic colour grading adjustments
  • Custom & auto export settings
  • Import Audio, Music and record voice overs

                     VN Video editor   vn video editor for using LUTs on mobile


Get LUT's to edit your mobile videos now 

If you don't have any LUT's to edit with yet be sure to get out our Mobile Video LUT's. We currently have 4 different packs of LUT's designed specially for mobile videos & to suit a variety of looks. Click below to see more.


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