5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Mobile Video

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Mobile Video

Shooting mobile video is now easier and better than ever. But these 5 common mistakes might be holding you back.


Not cleaning your phones camera lens before shooting

This is one of the most critical and easily overlooked mistakes when creating mobile video. Phone lenses get so dirty with dust, fingerprints and grease. one tiny fingermark can ruin a great shot. Make it a habit to quickly clean your lens when you pick up your phone to take a shot. Phone lenses are designed to be pretty scratch resistant, so even cleaning it with a soft part of your clothing will work.



Not shooting in 4k for your mobile videos

If you’re not shooting in 4k then you’re not making the most of your phone cameras quality. Switching over to 4k video you’ll see a big jump up in definition. Also the quality of your videos wont drop as much when you edit them in apps. Just keep in mind 4k videos take up a lot more space.

how to change iphone video resolution to 4k


Not shooting in 60fps for slow motion videos

You don’t want to be one of those people that has choppy weird looking slow motion videos. You get bad results if you try and slow down your 24fps or 30fps footage. If you want to slow down your videos to 50% you need to shoot them in 60fps first to get smooth professional results.



Shooting with digital zoom

Pinching the screen to zoom in on your videos while recording can be tempting. Doing this actually uses digital zoom resulting in poorer quality videos. It’s best to use each individual lens one at a time, like you would with prime lenses. You’ll end up with the best quality out of each lens. Only use digital zoom if you really need it.



Not using a mobile gimbal

Using a stabiliser or gimbal for your mobile video can really take them to the next level. They help to smooth out walking or movements giving your videos a cinematic professional look. Using a mobile gimbal will also allow you to get more creative.

DJI osmo mobile gimbal


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