How to add Lightroom presets to videos

How to add Lightroom presets to videos

We get asked this question a lot, "can i add presets to videos in Lightroom?...."

The short answer is yes, although its not great, but don't worry we have a better way and we'll show you how in this article. 

The best way is to actually not use Lightroom presets on your videos.


Because Lightroom presets are specifically designed for photos and don't work well on videos, plus the Lightroom app wont let you actually edit your videos like a designated video editing app does.

Instead you are best to use LUT's these are filters/presets specifically designed for videos. The best thing about these video filters (LUT's) is you can use them directly on you phone with the free version of VN Video app similar to the way you use presets in Lightroom Mobile.

We've created a variety of custom Mobile Video Filters based off our popular photo presets you can find them here. All you have to do is import them into the VN Video app, it's super easy and we include short instructions and a video how to do it if its your first time.

The free VN Video app is one of the best apps for editing and creating reels available on your phone, and it's what we use to create all our video content using our custom filters. The great thing about it is you can add the filter to your video and adjust its intensity. In the app you also have editing tools to adjust the video such as exposure, vibrance, shadows and highlights. Along with all the other editing tools like cutting transitions and masks. And the best thing its free! that means no monthly subscriptions yay!

VN Video app

Using Mobile Video Filters has really been a game changer for our content, it has allowed us to get the consistent look we want and give our iPhone videos a pop. So if you're ready to give them a go check them out here.


Using VN Video app and our Mobile Video Filters

                    VN Video app using By Adriana Maria Mobile Video FIlters     VN Video app Using By Adriana Maria Mobile Video Filters

VN Video app is available on the iPhone app store and Google play store.


If you still want to have a go and try to add your existing Lightroom presets to videos inside Lightroom we'll show you how here. Just keep in mind its not really that great and after we gave it a go once we never really bothered again.

To apply Lightroom presets to a video:

  1. Firstly you can only do this on the paid version of Lightroom Mobile or CC
  2. Open Lightroom and in Library mode click "Import" to add your video
  3. Once your video is imported tap on it and you'll have the options to trim the clip, add presets, adjust light and colour as well as add grain.
  4. then you can export it as you normally would

The only downfalls currently are:

  • you cant combine multiple clips
  • you cant adjust the intensity of the preset
  • you cant adjust the speed of your videos 
  • these no option to add music
  • you also cant adjust the export quality
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