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Edit Your Mobile Videos with This Easy Free App

We all know the future of social media is video, and with millions of videos uploaded to social media platforms daily, its crucial to stand out amongst the crowd and have a consistent looking style.

Time to start editing your videos with Mobile Video Filters

Editing you mobile videos is a great way to give you content a unique look, signature style and make your content stand out.

Phones are now incredible at taking high quality videos but have you ever noticed how the videos always seem a little dull. Thats because most phones record with a slightly flat low contrast image to get an even looking exposure. But with the help of Mobile Video filters you can bring you videos to life and give them a unique eye catching pop!

What apps should i use to edit my videos?

There are so many apps out there to edit your mobile videos & add filters but most of them have monthly or yearly subscriptions that can add up to hundreds of dollars. 

But we came across a completely free editing app more powerful than most out there and the best thing is it allows us to import our own custom Mobile Video Filters and apply them to our clips so we can bring our iPhone videos to life and get our signature look. 

What are Mobile Video filters?

If you've been editing photos for a while you're probably familiar with using Lightroom Mobile presets to get unique looks or a certain style. For a long time we always wanted to add our presets to videos to get the same look and feel. Well great news is now you can by using Mobile Video Filters. These filters are just like presets for your videos. Specifically designed to edit the colours of videos shot on you phone, we have created them based off the same colours of our popular photo preset filters to get the same look.

How do i use them?

The app is called VN Video Editor and its available for free on the App store and google play stores. It's loaded with amazing editing tools. It's basically like Lightroom Mobile but for videos and allows you to add you favourite creators Mobile Video Filters into the app so you can apply them to your clips to get the same look. Its super easy to import them and the app is straight forward to use with loads of custom features to create the highest quality videos for Instagram Reels and Tiktok. 

You can get our Mobile video filters here along with easy instructions on how to import them and use them in the VN app.

Our Favourite thing about using VN Video with our Mobile Video Filters

Once you've imported the filters they stay inside the app ready for you to apply to any clips you want. The best thing is you can adjust the intensity of the filters to get the perfect balance. It also has an adjustments section to tweak the exposure, saturation, highlights & shadows of your videos. You'll be amazed at how much you can edit the look and colours of your mobile videos.

Heres a few before & after examples below using our favourite Lifestyle Mobile Video Filters.



So what are you waiting for, get your Mobile Video Filters HERE  and see how you to can transform your content!

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