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Kodak & Fuji Film tone LUTs (video filters) & Lightroom Presets 

Bring the nostalgic beauty of film to your photos and videos with our Film LUTs (video filters) & Lightroom photo presets. Inspired by the classic film tones of Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Gold and popular Fuji films, this pack will transform your phone and digital camera photos with an aesthetic grainy 35mm film look.

In this pack:

  • Total of¬†15 Film Look LUTs¬†(video filters)(.Cube)
  • Total of¬†15¬†Film Look Lightroom¬†Mobile photo¬†presets¬†(.DNG)
  • Total of¬†15 Lightroom Desktop presets¬†(.XMP)¬†

What they're great for: 

Giving your photos & videos authentic and nostalgic film looks and tones. From Kodak warm undertones to Fuji greens. Perfect for travel, fashion and lifestyle.



  • Compatible for both¬†iPhone & Android
  • Designed to be¬†used on the¬†FREE¬†Lightroom Mobile and VN Video editing apps¬†to edit on your¬†phone
  • LUTs (video filters) can also be used on any video editing software that uses .cube LUT files¬† [VN Video app (free), CapCut (free desktop version), Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve (free desktop)
  • Instant¬†Download
  • Adjustable¬†intensity and fully customisable
  • Step by step¬†Installation guide¬†
  • Exclusive Lightroom & Photography tips¬†
  • Free support

We are here to help, if you need any assistance please email us at or send us a DM on @byadrianamaria

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